Core Drilling Services

Many new home and business construction and renovation projects require a specialized form of concrete cutting called core drilling. You may be familiar with the standing or handheld circular saws that are traditionally used to create straight cuts in vertical or horizontal concrete surfaces like walls, floors, sidewalks, and roads. To create various types of openings that are more appropriate to structural interiors, though, it is necessary to employ some additional cutting tools.

Concrete core drilling creates a relatively smooth cylindrical opening through a concrete slab or wall. These openings can be used to pass plumbing pipes, sprinkler pipes, gas lines, data wiring, heating and venting ductwork, electrical conduits, and even anchor bolts through interior or exterior walls and into cement floors. Under other circumstances, core drilling can also be used to install speed bumps and fence posts into concrete and asphalt. Additionally, core drilling is even used to make inlets and outlets in concrete manhole covers. In structural engineering applications, core drilling can be used to extract test core samples.

One of the many benefits of concrete core drilling is that it allows our construction personnel to place necessary holes in very precise locations and at exactly the angles needed. It also allows for the creation of clean, professional openings in cramped and awkwardly situated spaces that may be difficult or impossible to access via other means. To preserve a high level of precision, core drills are often mounted on stands and/or appropriately anchored when necessary.

So, never fear if the older home or building you’ve purchased was not designed to allow data wiring, sprinkler pipes, or even electrical conduits to pass conveniently from room to room or from floor to floor. The core drilling services that we offer can get you smoothly to the other side of that concrete wall or slab.